What’s That Burning Smell?

Cup of coffee and candle with fall colorsThis time of year, we often get calls from clients wanting to know why their heating system smells like it’s burning the first time they turn it on. Believe it or not, the burning smell can be attributed to dust buildup burning off the heat strips if you have a heat pump and the heat exchangers if you have a furnace. Customers who have received their fall maintenance appointment are less likely to smell the burning smell because our technicians remove dust buildup and test the units while they are onsite.

Is it Harmful?

The burning smell itself is harmless and usually subsides in the first half-hour of use. However, anytime you are burning dust, there is an increased risk of fire. The best way to prevent fires caused by dust in heating systems is to schedule a fall maintenance appointment before you turn your system on.

If you turn the unit on for the first time without a maintenance technician present, be on the lookout for any smoke coming from the heater. If you see smoke, turn off the power immediately and call your local HVAC company to have your unit serviced before using it again.

Schedule Your Fall Maintenance Appointment

It’s not too late to schedule your fall maintenance appointment. We strongly recommend having our team of experienced technicians come out to your home before you turn your unit on for the first time this season. Contact our office today to get on our schedule before the cool weather sets in, and be sure to ask about Jay’s Comfort Plan!