HVAC Maintenance Checklist for the Fall Season

It’s that glorious time of year when it feels just right outside. The morning chill doesn’t warrant the heating system and the afternoon sun barely warrants the use of your AC system. In fact, it’s not too hot or cold outside for most of the day, so your HVAC system requires significantly less output than it does during the hot summer months. The mild weather of the fall season is the perfect time to check off a few HVAC maintenance items. We’ve compiled a list of things that need to be done this time of year to prolong the life of your unit. Close Your Crawl Space Vents  The first reason to close your crawl space vents is because it keeps the floors from getting too cold and making your heating system run longer that it should. The second reason is that many homes in the Raleigh area have condensing furnaces in the crawl space. It’s important that these condensing furnaces are able to drain throughout the winter. If the vents aren’t closed, you risk the drain line freezing and shutting off the system on the coldest days of the year. Change Your Filters We know, we know, we say this a lot. But it is that important! Simply put, changing your filters decreases the chances of your system overheating. For heat pumps in heat mode, the indoor air blows across the condenser coil. A dirty air filter will cause higher than normal pressures which stresses the entire system. For gas furnaces, manufacturers design systems to maintain a 40-60 degrees temperature differential from the air coming into the system to the supply air that comes out of the vents. A dirty air filter can slow down the air which will allow higher than normal temperature differences. This issue will not only decrease the life of your heat exchanger, but it also puts extra stress on the blower motor and control boards. The most important reason to change your air filters is that dirty air filters can even be a fire hazard! Clear Drain Lines on Condensing Furnaces We service units before the first freeze to prevent the system from intermittently shutting off. When systems intermittently shut off, it puts stress on the inducer fan motor that gets rid of the combustion gases from the system. Service Heat Pumps to Avoid Unit From Freezing As the leaves begin to fall, it’s imperative that you keep all debris cleared from the outdoor unit of your heat pump so it is able to drain. We typically recommend a minimum of three feet of clearance. Without ample clearance to drain, your system is at risk of freezing which can cause costly damage. Now is the perfect time to schedule your fall maintenance appointment. If you haven’t already scheduled yours, we recommend you contact us to schedule sooner than later. Our appointments are filling up fast and we want to be sure we get you in before it gets cold! Contact us today to schedule your next appointment. When you speak to a representative, be sure to ask about Jay’s Comfort Plan!

Heat Pump Maintenance for the Fall

Fall is here and it’s time to schedule your next heat pump maintenance appointment before it gets too cold. At each visit, our technicians will clean the coils, ensure the heat strips and defrost cycle are working correctly, inspect the heat strip lockout point and blower motor, and tighten all the electrical systems. As with all maintenance appointments, we will recommend any needed repairs before they become an issue. Regular heat pump maintenance performed by our trained professionals will extend the life of your heat pump saving you time and money!

Our Commitment to Excellence

The entire team at Jay’s Heating and Cooling has demonstrated a commitment to excellence since day one. After serving his country, owner and operator, Jason Ibrahim, was inspired to start the business so could provide the highest possible quality of HVAC services for his parents’ properties. Since then, he has treated every single property, both commercial and residential, as if it belonged to his parents.

Why We Don’t Provide Quotes Over the Phone for AC Repairs

This time of year, we get a lot of calls for people asking for specific AC repair quotes over the phone. We understand how unnerving it can be when your air conditioning stops functioning in the middle of the hottest summer months. Additionally, we know that budget may be a concern when undergoing potential repairs and/or replacements. As much as we would love to be able to give you the exact cost of your issue so you can plan ahead, we hesitate to provide you with that information before we see the issue in person. Read on to learn why this is actually in your best interest!

Common AC Repairs in Raleigh

Our experienced AC repair technicians compiled a list of repairs they perform most frequently on homes and businesses in and around the Raleigh area. Read on to learn signs of common issues, how they are repaired, and how you can prevent further damage to your system if you are experiencing an issue.

AC Tune Up Versus Jay’s Comfort Plan

No one wants to be caught in the middle of a hot North Carolina summer with a malfunctioning AC system. The best way to prevent that from happening is a preventative maintenance trip from our professional AC technicians. It’s no wonder we get a lot of questions this time of year from customers wanting to know the difference between an AC tune up and Jay’s Comfort Plan. Here we break down the similarities and differences so you can make the decision that best meets your family’s needs before the heat of the summer sets in!

Heat Not Working? Schedule a Heating Repair Service Call!

This time of year, we get flooded with calls about heating systems not functioning as they should. At Jay’s Heating and Cooling, we understand how important it is to keep your family warm and toasty in these cold, winter months. That’s why we offer comprehensive heating service, repair, and installation services. Whether you have a traditional heating system, a heat pump, or a gas furnace, if your heat is broken, call (919) 798-4455 today to schedule a heating repair service call. Our heating professionals will diagnose and repair the issue quickly. In rare cases, if absolutely necessary, we also offer comprehensive heating installation services. Our HVAC preventative maintenance services are a great way to ward off problems down the road. Not having any problems? Contact us anyway to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment. Our office representatives are standing by ready to get your home on our schedule. We look forward to working with you!

Spring HVAC Checklist

We’ve compiled an HVAC checklist to ensure your system is prepared for the warmer weather! Change your furnace filter every 30- 90 days  (every 30 days if you have pets) Remove any plants, weeds, and debris from within 2 feet of your outdoor unit Clean and de-clutter your home to decrease the chance of dirt and dust buildup within your system. Include parts of your home that are not cleaned often like curtains and picture frames. Test your AC on a day that is at least 65° before the super hot days arrive. Caulk windows and doors around your home to keep humidity and heat out. Clean the air vents in every room to allow for better airflow. Remove the outdoor AC cover (if applicable). Consider upgrading your thermostat.