Precautionary Measures to Prevent AC Repair Calls

At Jay’s Heating and Cooling, our AC repair technicians work hard all summer long to keep Raleigh homes cool and comfortable. Although our team is always here for you, we understand how a broken AC can effect everyone in your home. Keep reading for a list of preventive measures you can take today to ward off unexpected AC repair calls.

    High Temperature Caution

  1. Change filters regularly. Not replacing your air filters regularly can cause your home to take longer to heat and cool, increase your electric bills, exacerbate allergy symptoms, and eventually even damage your system. We typically recommend replacing air filters every three months. If you have allergies in the home, you may find relief by increasing the frequency to as often as every 3 weeks. Our technicians recommend you set up a recurring delivery. Every time air filters show up on your door step, it’s time to replace!
  2. Get a safety switch if you don’t have one. Clogged drain lines are one of the most common AC repair problems we encounter. If you do not have a safety switch installed with your unit, a clogged drain line will lead to water damage. Not sure if you have a safety switch installed? If you are enrolled in Jay’s Comfort Plan, you can rest easy knowing you have a safety switch. If not, contact us today to schedule a maintenance service or read our last blog post to learn the difference between Jay’s Comfort Plan and a single maintenance service.
  3. If having trouble, turn off your unit and then schedule service.  It is very helpful for technicians if you turn off your system at the first sign of trouble before calling our office to schedule an AC repair visit. This simple step prevents further damage and allows technicians to easily access the unit. If our techs show up and your unit is still on, they will often find a large ice cube on the unit preventing them from accessing what they need to make repairs.
  4. Sign up for Jay’s Comfort Plan. With Jay’s Comfort Plan, our technicians visit your home twice per year preventing costly repairs. When your home does need a heating or AC repair, you will receive a discount. Contact us today to learn more about keeping your home home cool in the summer and warm in the winter while saving your family money!

Although these precautionary measures will help prevent AC repair calls, our team is always here for you! Call our office at (919) 798-4455  today with questions or to schedule your next appointment! We look forward to the opportunity to keep your home comfortable all summer long!

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