Heat Not Working? Schedule a Heating Repair Service Call!

This time of year, we get flooded with calls about heating systems not functioning as they should. At Jay’s Heating and Cooling, we understand how important it is to keep your family warm and toasty in these cold, winter months. That’s why we offer comprehensive heating service, repair, and installation services. Whether you have a traditional heating system, a heat pump, or a gas furnace, if your heat is broken, call (919) 798-4455 today to schedule a heating repair service call. Our heating professionals will diagnose and repair the issue quickly. In rare cases, if absolutely necessary, we also offer comprehensive heating installation services.

Our HVAC preventative maintenance services are a great way to ward off problems down the road. Not having any problems? Contact us anyway to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment. Our office representatives are standing by ready to get your home on our schedule. We look forward to working with you!